I have taken copies of three maps of Nirn that are available online and compared them using GIMP. I started out by centering them so that the Imperial City on each map lines up. Then I scaled each one so that City Isle was as close to lined up as possible on all three maps. Even this stage was impossible to get exact, as all the maps were very different. Here is a result of this stage so far...


As you can see, it doesn't line up properly at all, despite my best efforts with scaling the images. As you zoom out to the bigger picture, it looks even worse...


Valenwood seems to be joined to the Summerset Isles! The Altmer would be highly offended at such a thing. What this all shows me is that I can't rely on any of the existing maps for accuracy. Let's face it, if I were to create my own map, it would be no more accurate than any other map created by a TES fan. The only way to get a completely accurate map is to extract the game data. And even then, as I pointed out in my previous post, there are discrepancies in the official maps as well. I guess it is very hard to get accuracy and realism in a fictional world. What shape is the planet Nirn? Is it a spheroid like the Earth, or is it some other shape like the Ringworld of Larry Niven? What is the circumference of the planet at its equator? All these questions could affect how maps of Nirn are drawn.

I still want an interactive map of my own, one that I can easily add routes to, or highlight certain areas or features on. I do like the online maps available at but I can't edit them as much as I would like to.