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Rerlas was born in Bruma in 4E 129. He was the first of the Gaersmiths for many generations to have been born outside of Winterhold. Rerlas' father, Andoryan, had moved to Bruma from Winterhold after the Great Collapse. This meant that Rerlas was born later in his father's life than was customary for the family. Andoryan had to settle in a new town, build a home, and find a Breton wife from among the people of Cyrodiil before his eldest son was born. Rerlas' mother was Arielle, a merchant's daughter from the Imperial City.


Rerlas' father Andoryan was an itinerant merchant, as had been his forefathers before him. The family have for many generations peddled their wares as artisans, crafting fine blades and enchanting them themselves. The skills of smithing, enchanting, and mercantile prowess run strong in the Gaersmith family. Rerlas spent much of his childhood at the foundry in Bruma, and often travelled with his father to the Imperial City to learn the ways of the merchant. Rerlas' training in the arcane arts began in the College of Whispers in the Imperial City.


Family tradition among the male Gaersmith's holds that each generation sends their eldest son to the College of Winterhold to study enchanting there for 10 years, from the age of 30 to the age of 40 years old. Rerlas was the eldest son of his generation. However, his father Andoryan urged Rerlas to attend the College of Whispers in the Imperial City for his formal training in the arcane arts. Andoryan intended for Rerlas to continue building a trading relationship with A Fighting Chance in the Imperial City and grow the family coffers while studying at the College. Rerlas was more interested in reclaiming the family's traditions than their wealth, and he defied his father's wishes. Andoryan became embittered when Rerlas chose to return to the College of Winterhold rather than study at the College of Whispers. His father Andoryan was 77 years old when Rerlas left for Winterhold. He was almost 90 by the time Rerlas returned, so there was also much pressure on Rerlas to find a wife in Winterhold and return ready to take over the family business immediately.

While studying in the Arcanaeum of the College of Winterhold, Rerlas found a small musty tome, written by the Breton Sage, Eraintine in the mid second century of the Third Era. Buried within the pages of this book, Rerlas found mention of a certain Mordastyr Gaersmith of Shornhelm, High Rock, who was a member of the mysterious "War Mages" gladiatorial team, and was a powerful enchanter. Could this be the progenitor of the Gaersmith family? Rerlas was unable to research this further at the time, and lost track of the tome amongst the vast shelves of the Arcanaeum. Rerlas met Evelyssa in the College of Winterhold, and they were married during the Witches' Festival of 13th Frostfall, 4E 169. They both graduated a month later. By the time they had returned to Bruma and the Gaersmith holding, Evelyssa was pregnant with their first child, a daughter whom they named Sabine. A year later, their eldest son Daric was born.


Rerlas keenly felt like an outsider in Bruma, being the first generation of Gaersmiths born outside of Winterhold. He longed to know more about his ancestry, but the tales of the glory days of his family in Winterhold were still too raw for his father Andoryan to tell. Five generations of Gaersmiths had studied at the College of Winterhold, and Rerlas was keen to read the musty tomes in the Arcanaeum that may hold tales of his ancestors, even back to their roots in High Rock. Like his father before him, Rerlas was stubborn and persistent, and very wiley, traits often found amongst merchants, and his character can often be seen reflected in his son Daric. Rerlas had more of a love for history and tradition than for accumulating wealth.

After the death of Andoryan in 4E 185, the Gaersmith fortunes started to wane under Rerlas' stewardship, despite his wife Evelyssa's handsome dowry. Thus it was behoven on Daric to bolster the family's coffers, tugging at the young lad's heartstrings to follow the path laid out for his father by his grandfather Andoryan, to study at the College of Whispers. Were it not for a musty tome written in the mid second century of the Third Era by Sage Eraintine, uncovered by Rerlas at the College of Winterhold, Daric may well have studied enchanting in the Imperial City.

Major EventsEdit

Major events in the life of Rerlas Gaersmith.
Date Event Age
4E 129 Rerlas was born 0
4E 159 At age 30, Rerlas went to the College of Winterhold. 30
4E 169 Rerlas married Evelyssa. 40
4E 169 Rerlas graduated from the College of Winterhold. 40
4E 170 Their daughter Sabine was born. 41
4E 171 Their son Daric was born. 42