Welcome to the Daric Gaersmith WikiEdit

This wiki contains resource information for writing fan fiction stories based in the Elder Scrolls world of Nirn. The lead character is Daric Gaersmith, a Breton battlemage played by the wiki creator, Augurnz (talk). This is primarily a private wiki, but if anyone wants to contribute something; particularly some useful information or links to other resources; quality contributions would be welcome. The language of this wiki is English, and your attention to accurate spelling and grammar is appreciated. Please keep OOC comments restricted to the Talk pages whereever possible..

Important figures in Daric's lifeEdit

Categories: People, Races, Factions

This category lists all the people in Nirn throughout history who have been influential in shaping and molding the personality of Daric Gaersmith, his mannerisms, his opinions, his worldview, and his religious beliefs.

Places of interestEdit

Categories: Places, Provinces, Holds/Regions, Cities, Villages

This category lists geographic locations throughout Nirn which have special significance to Daric Gaersmith and/or his ancestors.

Relevant historical eventsEdit

Category: Events

This category lists important events that have occurred in Nirn throughout history which have impacted on the life of Daric Gaersmith and his ancestors. These events may be based on Elder Scrolls canon or fan-fiction constructs. While much of the canonical dates are vague, (listing only an era and a year), this wiki fabricates months and dates for many of the events, so that a complete calendar can be created from this information.

Latest activityEdit

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