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Daric was born in Bruma, northern Cyrodiil, in 4E 171, the year that the Great War between the Second Aldmeri Dominion and the Empire began. He is of Breton descent, although his family had lived in Winterhold, in northern Skyrim, for at least five generations. Daric's father, Rerlas Gaersmith was 42 years old when Daric was born to Evelyssa.


Daric's father was an itinerant merchant, as had been his forefathers before him. The family have for many generations peddled their wares as artisans, crafting fine blades and enchanting them themselves. The skills of smithing, enchanting, and mercantile prowess run strong in the Gaersmith family. Daric spent much of his childhood at the foundry in Bruma, and often travelled with his father and his elder sister Sabine to the Imperial City to learn the ways of the merchant. Daric's informal training in the arcane arts began in the College of Whispers during these visits to the Imperial City.


Family tradition among the male Gaersmith's holds that each generation sends their eldest son to the College of Winterhold to formally study enchanting there for 10 years, from the age of 30 to the age of 40 years old. This family tradition was broken by Daric's grandfather, Andoryan, due to the Great Collapse of Winterhold in 4E 122. Whilst Andoryan began as a novitiate at the College of Winterhold, the Great Collapse interrupted his studies, and he graduated instead from the College of Whispers in Cyrodiil. Andoryan urged his son Rerlas to attend the College of Whispers also for his formal training in the arcane arts, so as to continue building the family coffers while studying. Daric's father Rerlas instead returned to the College of Winterhold. While he was studying there, Rerlas found a small musty tome, written by the Breton Sage, Eraintine in the mid second century of the Third Era. Buried within the pages of this book, Rerlas found mention of a certain Mordastyr Gaersmith of Shornhelm, High Rock, who was a member of the mysterious "War Mages" gladiatorial team, and was a powerful enchanter. Could this be the progenitor of the Gaersmith family?

By 4E 200, Daric was torn between wanting to respect the wishes of his deceased grandfather and to study at the College of Whispers, or seeking further knowledge about his distant ancestors, and the mysterious Mordastyr. Eventually he decided to seek both fortune and knowledge by travelling to the northern reaches of Skyrim. The demesne of Sheor had been uncovered in the late Second Era, when the ruins of Saarthal were located by archaeologists near Winterhold. The bravado of youth and the cultural "quest obsession" led Daric to attempt to snatch wealth from the maw of the "Bad Man", Sheor. His father Rerlas was 71 years old when Daric left for Winterhold. He would be in his 80's when Daric returns, ready to take over the reigns of the family business.

Daric set off from Bruma, to cross the Pale Pass through the Jerall Mountains and into Skyrim, heading towards his destiny at the College of Winterhold. Should he be successful, he will return with his full birthright, the wealth of the merchant clan of Gaersmiths, along with the missing knowledge of his ancestry.



Being a Breton, Daric is not disposed to excessive religion. Although he observes the sacraments and holidays of all the Nine Divines, he feels drawn mostly to Akatosh, the chief deity of the Nine. Daric is known to wear an Amulet of Akatosh as part of his common garb.


As with most inhabitants of Tamriel, Daric fears the Daedra and respects their power. He is not a Daedra worshipper, but accepts them as a necessary evil and a balance to the Aedra.